Like many conditions, there are hereditary diseases that can impact vision and cause blindness.  Many of the hereditary ocular conditions are rare in the general population and involve an optometrist or ophthalmologist to make the diagnosis.  Genetic testing can aid an eye doctor in determining the cause of an individual’s vision issues or blindness.  Making the correct diagnosis can help your physician determine if there are any other health issues that may arise aside from vision problems and whether there are any specific treatments that need to be considered.  Further, if the vision issue is identified as hereditary in nature, genetic testing can be considered for other family members to assess their chance of developing the same condition.

Examples of hereditary ocular diseases that can be tested for at Chicago Genetic Consultants, LLC are:

We also connect individuals and families with patient advocacy groups for these conditions.  It often helps to speak to other people who are dealing with many of the same difficult issues and decisions you may encounter.