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Heart disease can run in families.  Conditions like coronary artery disease and high cholesterol can affect multiple family members and are often due to a combination of non-modifiable risk factors (like age and genetics) and modifiable risk factors (such as diet, exercise and tobacco use).  Other types of cardiac disease are purely hereditary, due to an error (also called mutation) in gene that is being passed from generation-to-generation in family.  Hereditary forms of cardiac disease, if not known about or left untreated, can be fatal.  However, with early identification and intervention, some forms of hereditary cardiac disease can be managed and treated so they do not become life-threatening.

There are certain features in an individual’s personal and/or family history that are suggestive of a hereditary cardiac disease.

Risk Factors for a Hereditary Cardiac Condition

Blacking-out episodes or fainting (syncope) that are recurrent or seizures not responsive to medication
Heart palpitations or abnormal heart rhythm at a young age
Sudden cardiac death, unexplained death at a young age or death by drowning or acciden
Heart failure less than age 50
Multiple relatives with the same type of cardiac disease

Having a hereditary cardiac disease raises a wide range of emotions, including fears about sudden cardiac death and worries or anxiety about passing the condition on to other family members. Chicago Genetic Consultants, LLC helps individuals and families diagnosis and cope with a hereditary cardiac disease in addition to working with your healthcare providers to ensure you are receiving the necessary care.

We perform risk assessment and genetic testing for:

We also connect individuals and families with patient advocacy groups for these conditions.  It often helps to speak to other people who are dealing with many of the same difficult issues and decisions you may encounter.

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Check out this radio interview with Scott discussing the impact hereditary cardiac conditions can have on athletes with Steve Kashul and Dr. Brian Cole on ESPN1000.

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